Wind Damage in Orlando

Wind damage is found in every subdivision and on every street throughout Florida.  Orlando specifically, did not get it as bad as southern Florida and despite being fortunate to have been spared from the brunt of the damage, there are too many homes affected in this most recent Hurricane event.

Wind Damaged Homes Gallery

Wind damage is easily evident from the ground when the shingles are torn off and blown completely off the roof.   However, many homeowners believe they have no damage on the roof when in actuality the shingles are damaged but the crease and break in the shingles can't be seen from the ground.  This is because of the slope of the roof.  With the slope angling downwards, a crease embedded into the shingle would not be easily visible.  A top down inspection from the roof is the best way to determine if there is wind damage after all.


Does wind qualify for replacement by my insurance company?


Does this type of damage have to be from Hurricanes?

NO.  Depending on the age of your roof and the quality of your shingles, winds of even 50MPH can cause wind damage.