What To Expect from CCD

Roof Contractor and General Contractor

What to Expect from Corporate Construction & Design Inc. (CCD):

FIRST, expect that CCD is a local, licensed, insured, accredited, and verified Florida contractor with over 22 years of experience and over 11 years as a Florida certified contractor.

Expect – That we have available actual job site installation locations throughout Orlando AND real un-paid customer testimonials and reviews.

Expect – Fast Installation Scheduling after Approval of your insurance claim or upon receipt of a Deposit.  Where other contractors may install maybe 5 roofs per week, expect that CCD can install up to Five (5) roofs per day!  We have the capacity (where other contractors in the area may use “shared” installation crews that make you wait MONTHS for an installation.)

What to Expect: Free Home and Roof Inspection!

SECOND, expect that a CCD Storm Inspections Specialist will come out to your home and inspect the roof, exteriors and interiors (upon request) of the property to ensure we document for you, everything that may have been affected by any potential storm damage.

Expect – That we may photograph the damage to the property and measure any rooms and areas as needed.

Expect – That we will show you the pictures and discuss them with you AND that we may provide you a shared Link to your photos, upon request.

Expect – That we will answer any and ALL of your questions.

Expect – That any agreement and terms reached will be in writing!

What to Expect at your Adjustment

THIRD, as your selected and authorized roofing and general contractor, expect that we may be at your property on the day of adjustment to walk the roof with your insurance adjuster.

Expect – That we may show your insurance adjuster the photographs and point to any and all damage found in the interior and the exterior of your home.

Expect – That as authorized by you, we will call your insurance company and communicate with them to help expedite the process.

Expect – That we will ask your insurance adjuster when can we expect to receive their Statement of Loss (SOL) or Scope of Work (SOW) to make a final determination of the total storm damage and potential roof replacement costs.  It is the insurance company's responsibility  to deliver a Statement of Loss (or Scope of Work) to you within a specified period of time!

What to Expect: Insurance Claim Status Updates

FOURTH, expect that CCD will then work with you and may also contact your insurance company to ask what the status of your claim is until a final determination is reached.

Expect – That we may wait 10 to 15 days after the adjustment to start following up with your insurance company and adjuster.

Expect – That we may call the insurance company about once a week, or as needed, until a final determination on your claim is reached.

Expect – That we will then update you on the status of the call just as soon as we have an update, and we may continue to do so until a determination is made.

Roof Replacement and Installation

FIFTH, expect that once you have received an approval from your insurance company and a confirmation of a check being issued and sent to your home is made, we will schedule a time to come out and sit down with you to go over the insurance Statement of Loss line by line.  It is at this time that you may also make your shingles selections and pick your preferred drip edge color!

Expect – That we may also review and discuss with you any additional line items included (if any) in your Statement of Loss such as interior repairs etc.

Expect – That we may review any items missed by your insurance company's Statement of Loss and provide you with information and options, if you feel you were not paid what you feel you are entitled to.

Expect – That we will then Schedule a Date and Time to replace your roof!

Expect – That you will be notified of any date changes due to weather, etc.

Expect – That the property will be swept for nails and cleaned up after the job.

Expect – That all our work meets industry building standards. Guaranteed.

Expect – That our roof services are warranted both on labor and materials.

Expect – That we do this as part of our Roof Services Guarantee.