Homeowners in Florida dealing with roof replacements are asking what is the difference between a metal roof and a shingles roof replacement.

First, insurance companies usually pay for like-kind replacement in that they will pay for the exact type of roof a policyholder has. It is then up to the homeowner to upgrade to a heavier grade of shingles, or, to an alternate roof type like metal or tile.

What are the pros and cons of metal vs shingles roofing?

A roof installation using quality shingles, and assuming no severe weather impact, can last for decades. In fact, most high quality shingles manufacturers state that the shingles are 30-35 year shingles.

Alternatively, when a homeowner opts for a metal roof installation, a metal roof is usually stated to be 50 to 75 years in life. Additionally, some metal roofing systems last well beyond that time frame as weather has little effect other than an eventual rusting of the metal.

Like-kind Replacement of Roofs

Most homeowners will usually just go with what the insurance company pays for and a qualified contractor will usually upgrade the homeowner to a quality grade of shingles. For example, if say the insurance company paid for like-kind 3-tab shingles, the contractor may upgrade the homeowner to quality dimensional/architectural type shingles. Although both are asphalt, the increased material via the laminates in dimensional architectural shingles gives more weight and strength. Moreover, a like-kind 3-tab replacement usually lasts about 1/3 shorter in life than the heavier and sturdier dimensional architectural type.

In Florida, shingles replacement is a regular occurrence.  However, metal roof replacements are usually more common in commercial roofing. Homeowners opting for a metal roof installation instead of asphalt shingles, will receive a longer life product that is more resistant to weather events like the hail that regularly strikes central Florida. However, metal roofing also comes at a higher cost than quality and even premium shingles. In percentages and with exception of price hikes in severe weather periods, a homeowner can usually expect to pay between 30% and 50% more for a metal roof as opposed to a shingles roofing system.

Also, with a metal roofing system the homeowner can reach out to their insurance company, or shop around with different carriers to ask for discounts related to this type of roofing system.

Metal roof or shingles roof replacement budgets

In the end, the choice between metal and shingles comes down to dollars and preference. If insurance pays for replacement and a homeowner wishes to pay the difference for metal, it makes sense since its lasts longer. Alternatively, if a homeowner receives like-kind replacement of their 3-tab shingles and their contractor upgrade them to the dimensional architectural shingles as a thank you for doing business, than this is also a good option.

Statistically, about 1 in 10 homeowners will ask questions about a metal roof replacement. However, only about 1 in 20 end up opting and paying for it.

Please reach out if you have any questions on shingles or metal roofing options today.

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