Non-Paid Real Customer Roof Testimonials and Reviews

Corporate Construction & Design Inc. (CCD) strives to delivery a quality installation that is up to code and warranted as it should be.  And we regularly hear what an outstanding job we are doing, and feel particularly blessed and humbled when our customers offer to provide us with non-paid real customer testimonials and reviews to share their experience with our company and service with others.


Examples of Customer Testimonials and Reviews

This is just a sampling of our available CCD roof testimonials and reviews videos and more.  We also have a complete page dedicated to installation locations and job sites for your review.  Let us know what area you are located in to send you a complete list of complete work and installation locations throughout Orlando and Central Florida!


Marion Rodriguez in Lock Hart – Roofing Service Testimonial

We thank you Marion for taking the time in your busy day to give our staff a wonderful commendation on the quality of our service.


Tom Jackson in Leesburg – Service and Detail Testimonial

Homeowner satisfied with the inspection and roof services warranty details.  Tom lived in a prior subdivision and gladly welcomed our visit at his new home.


Mohammed and Sahodra in Orlando – Satisfied Customers Testimonial

We thank Mohammed and Sahodra for this sincere testimonial as we completed the roof on their home before the rainy reason!


Damian Garcia in Kissimmee – HOA President Testimonial

A welcome site meeting homeowner Damian Garcia because not only is he  the HOA President, but he researched roofing contractors before selecting us!


 Augusto Rios in Orlando – Personal Recommendation

Homeowner appreciated the service call and full explanation of the process.  We were the third company to visit and he was floored at the professionalism.


Ron Barnes in Orlando – From Inspection to Complete Installation

Homeowner shared his gratitude with our staff by providing us with a written testimonial indicating his satisfaction with our efforts and work principles.

Corporate Construction Customer Roof Testimonial Letter image



Christen of Econ Woods Lane – Inspection and Satisfaction Review

Homeowner climbed on the roof with us to get a personal look at the damage! And if it were possible, we'd love everyone to do so and see what we see.


HOA President Endorses Corporate Construction & Design Inc. 

Working with Homeowners Associations is a priority for CCD as many HOA Presidents have the responsibility of the association and the stress of ensuring everything goes well for them and their neighbors.  So we were very pleased when we received this letter:

homeowners association letter of recommendation


Go Used Tires of Kissimmee –  While at Work Installation Review

When our customers call and say come by, we always assume it is to their home.  Well Mr. Khudur of Go Used Tires in Kissimmee decided to give us a testimonial while at work – so we could only smile and let the cameras roll.


Stop Motion Roof Installation in Orlando – Call CCD Today!

Working throughout Central Florida and Orlando Metro – CCD installs and restores throughout the year.