CCD Roof Services Guarantee

Corporate Construction & Design provides a 5-point roof services guarantee:


POINT 1 – 5 Year CCD Labor Warranty

CCD provides all roofing systems customers with a 5-Year Labor Warranty on all labor.

Roofs Warranted Built to Last ccd warranty image

And although high quality premium shingles installations may never encounter any issues, our labor warranty provides peace of mind.


POINT 2 – Underlayment Optimal Damage Prevention Measures

CCD installs synthetic underlayment on all roofing systems.  Synthetic underlayment is lighter (reducing the load placed on the roof) and more tolerant to higher heat.  And, synthetic underlayment does not crack or rot compared to organic felt.  Organic felt rots and cracks over time and may lead to an accelerated rotting of the roof decking which can lead to unforeseen problems:

organic vs synthetic underlayment image


POINT 3 – Greater Roof Decking Density and Rigidity Recommendations

CCD replaces damaged and rotted wood decking with oriented strand board (OSB) instead of plywood.  OSB typically offers a higher shear rating which adds rigidity, and OSB does not delaminate ( where the layers pressed together may separate) or warp as plywood tends to do:

osb vs plywood image

IT'S UP TO YOU:  Of course, sometimes one has a preference which we will always honor and respect the choice and selections of our customers!  If your preference is plywood, CCD will accommodate this at no additional charge.

POINT 4 – Enhanced Nailing Patterns Beyond Building Code Requirements

CCD follows Enhanced Nailing Patterns designed to meet and exceed building code requirements.  In addition, using enhanced nailing patterns provide our customers with the wind resistance demanded of by Florida's unique geographic location, especially on 2-story homes:

conventional vs enhanced nailing pattern image

POINT 5 – Lifetime Heavy Fiberglass Ceramic Coated Shingles

CCD understands that many homeowners receive like-kind replacement of damaged property by their insurance company, but architectural laminated shingles are superior to 3-tab shingles.  This is because 3-tab may have as low as 60MPH wind ratings, whereas architectural shingles are 80-130MPH plus!

architectural vs 3 tab shingles image

As such, CCD provides all homeowners with upgraded architectural shingles (all carrying Lifetime Limited Warranties) and in your choice of shingle color:

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