Roof Repair in Florida

Roof repair is sometimes an option when damage to a roofing system is minimal, or if it is the best recommendation by your selected contractor or even by a homeowner's insurance carrier.  Repairing a roof involves less expense and can sometimes be beneficial IF the damage is superficial and the damage does not compromise the roof's integrity or any of its other components. However, with central Florida having regular strong wind and heavy rain events, a repair will require reinforcement to ensure that strong winds and side-ways rains won't penetrate areas beyond repaired areas.

Problems with Repaired Roofs

Sometimes a repair will result in a temporary fix, and if the roof warranty wasn't properly registered, a homeowner may find themselves with limited options (if any).  What should happen is first, verify if the damage is covered by warranty to pay for any related repairs.  However, if the original roof warranty is not available, then see if the intended repair will not jeopardize the insurance coverage on the property.  For example, we learned from a homeowner that they had completed a repair on their roof and that later on at time of insurance renewal, their insurance provider did not renew them citing that the roof was “repaired” but they they would prefer that it was replaced.  Unfortunately, the homeowners found themselves shopping several insurance companies before finally one of them decided to cover them, and when they did, they said the property would be covered but not the roof!  Now what is the point of insurance at that point?  Insurance didn't get it right on that one and the homeowners were understandably upset.

Call CCD to evaluate your property even when you were told or believe a repair is in the works.  Sometimes damage to the roof may look superficial, but upon closer inspection, it may be uncovered that it is indeed in need of full replacement.

Roof Repair in Progress in Orlando

Roof Repair in Progress