Roof Hail Damage in Florida

A proper roof hail damage inspection is provided with the intention of documenting the storm, assessing the damage to the property, and creating an estimate of the cost to replace everything affected.

Roof Hail Damage or Just a Contractor Looking for Work?

Many homeowners have seen news stories about manufactured damage to someone's shingles by a seriously stupid person.  However, hail damage is a real phenomenon in Florida that affects thousands of homeowners as was seen during the hail storms that hit Poinciana Florida in 2016 and Oviedo Florida in 2015.

Florida hail is not as big as hail that will hit places like Texas.  However, that does not mean that small hail causes no damage.  In fact, one large storm is easy to see while three or four small ones may go undetected by a homeowner until the homeowner starts seeing yellow stains on their ceilings months and even years after a storm.

Roof Hail Damage Maps image

What To Look For in a Hail Damage Inspection

When a contractor offers a free inspection, this roof hail damage inspection should result in the documentation of the storm's impact on the roof and other property such as the window screens.

Documentation is accomplished by taking notes and as many pictures as necessary, and by further documenting the storm impact date and even using and including visual storm map renderings of the storm:

Hail Damage is Not Readily Visible From the Ground

Hail damage is very difficult at times to see from the ground.  This is because when hail hits, the impact pushes the shingles granules into the matting.  This makes the granules recessed enough that it is virtually impossible to see them from a ground up angle.

A true hail inspection requires a physical presence on the roof, looking down on the shingles, and at times even getting down and touching the affected areas feel for soft spots.  Making things even more difficult is when you have a darker shingle with a smaller hail size.  This makes it optimally difficult because the damage is there, and when it is 98 degrees outside it becomes even more tasking.

Hail Damage Illustration

As hail hits your home, shingles may fracture (1) , exposing the roof to moisture penetration (2). This allows water to soak the roof deck (3), causing wood rot and mold growth (4) and leaks inside your home (5):

hail damage illustration graphic image

This Roof Approved for Hail Damage

The following roof was approved for replacement but not before a painstaking inspection and documentation of the damage to the shingles; with close up shots to illustrate the impacts (to later show how the yellow stains on the ceilings got there):

hail damage on a dark shingle image

What Is Considered a Proper Hail Damage Inspection?

First, a roof contractor that goes up on your roof and makes one 10ft x 10ft square of the damage and quickly comes down saying you should “proceed” is not following through on what we consider a proper hail inspection.  Yes, it is possible that this is all that “may” be needed to prove their is damage, but what if it is not documented sufficiently?

Second, the inspection requires that the inspector take photographs of the roof untouched.  Preferably 360 degree shots to photograph the entire roof.  These neutral shots are imperative as they show how a roof looks “okay” despite what the immediately following inspection may reveal.

Roof Slopes Need to Be Marked Correctly

Third, the roof slopes should be marked either North, South, East, and West or Front, Back, Left and Right with chalk before starting so later it can be easily determined where specific damage was found.   There is nothing worse than taking pictures of damage that can't be easily located later.

The “Measles Effect” on the Roof

Fourth, a good roof inspector will go about marking the entire roof of any and all pock markings found and then following through and taking pictures of every slope and pock marking.  Of course, this is back breaking work so many times the inspecting person will not do this.

However, when carried out in this manner, the roof looks almost as if it has the measles from so many chalk markings creating what some in the industry call “the measles effect” on the roof:

hail damage on roof image

This is very important as it clearly shows the homeowner something is not okay with their roof and helps illustrate to the adjuster just how many impact markings were found even before checking other items like window screens and often missed items like AC compressor cooling fins and more.

Does my home insurance cover hail damage?

Yes. Review the Declarations page of your policy to confirm your coverage.

Does CCD Provide a Free Hail Damage Inspection?

Yes. You may call us 24/7 to schedule a proper hail inspection of your home.