Roof Financing Options in Florida

After severe weather events, most homeowners reach out to their insurance company to file a claim.  Unfortunately, not every homeowner had active insurance in place to cover damages OR they have insurance in place but need financing assistance for the often larger Hurricane Deductible.  In addition, new or unaware property owners, who purchase recently damaged storm property, may not qualify for an insurance claim as the storm event occurred prior to their ownership and new policy coverage period.  That is why Corporate Construction & Design Inc. (CCD) has created this space as a resource for all roof financing options available including:

  • Roof Financing Loans
  • Project Credit Cards
  • Tax Assessment based Financing
  • Disaster Assistance Programs

Roof Financing Credit Card

Corporate Construction can provide homeowners with a special home improvement projects credit card designed specifically for home improvements including roof replacement, deductibles, and more.  The best part of the program is that once the project is paid, you the homeowner can continue to use the credit card for additional improvements.

Roof Financing Loans

Funds to pay for a roof replacement or other home improvements may come in the form of a loan.  Benefit from an unsecured, low fixed interest rate loan.  Corporate Construction will work with you to secure this loan to pay for roof replacement, deductibles, and more.

FHA Title 1 Loans

With a Title 1 loan, a homeowner can borrow up to $25,000 for a single family home.  Some of the advantages are if you have less than perfect credit and no home equity is needed.

Energy Improvements Program

Funds are available to homeowners that wish to make improvements or repairs in qualified communities.  These programs are not based on credit score and do provide 100% financing with no upfront costs.

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