Residential Roofing

As a State Certified Roofing Contractor, Corporate Construction & Design Inc. (CCD) handles residential roofing construction and replacement throughout Orlando metro and Central Florida cities including Deltona, Clermont, Kissimmee, and beyond.  Residential roofs have a different requirement than commercial roofing and as such, CCD ensures that the roofing systems installed meet Florida Building Code requirements and industry installation requirements.  Of course, providing Orlando residential roofing would be incomplete if the roofing system was installed without all warranty considerations.

“Roofs Warranted. Built to Last!” ℠

CCD strives to inform and educate consumers and customers on the proper installation of roofs such that the warranties beyond installation hold and become truly lifetime warranties.  It is not a matter of just selecting a contractor and throwing shingles on a roof.  A properly installed roofing system will last decades and can ensure a long duration if the warranties are registered and utilized properly.  For example, Atlas provides a Lifetime shingles warranty that lasts for 10 years and is extended to 15 years when the roofing system is installed correctly and using all the required components.  In addition, this roofing materials supplier also provides homeowners with ScotchGuard protection such that if the roof gets mossy from algae it is also covered under the same warranty.  What most homeowners assume is that “Lifetime” doesn't really mean lifetime, but, if the shingles fail in the 10-15 year period, and, they are replaced by the manufacturer, then YES the shingles warranty does last a lifetime as the warranty period is reset  — providing the lifetime protection.  However, most people may see or receive the warranty and toss it aside not knowing or understanding just how valuable the coverage is.  CCD provides customers with the resources to register their warranty to ensure a lasting installation and warranty coverage period.  Of course, warranties will not ensure that a future devastating storm won't destroy the roof, and for that is the property home insurance coverage, but a properly installed residential roofing system will last for a very long time and why our motto at CCD is “Roofs Warranted.  Built to Last!” ℠