Customer Referral Program


Corporate Construction & Design Inc. (CCD) has a powerful referral program designed to give back to our customers.


Here is how it works!

Each time you refer a customer to CCD, we will pay you up to $150 for each and everyone that is approved for roof replacement by their insurance company OR that the referee gives us a deposit to replace their roof.

“Up to” means CCD in some cases, may advance you on some of the referrals up to a portion of the referral fee and pay you the balance when the job is completed and paid in full.



There is no limit on the number of referrals you send to CCD, and what will usually happen is that you will just start to see checks arrive in your mailbox regularly as the jobs are completed, billed, and paid for.

Our strongest referrer has referred 52 persons (friends of the family, neighbors, and co-workers) and has gone on to pay off their truck and taken a vacation.  The part they enjoy the most is seeing checks just show up in their mailbox!



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