Orlando Roofing Contractors


Orlando Florida homeowners can count on Corporate Construction & Design Inc. (CCD) which is located in Kissimmee Florida!  CCD can handle every possible roof related concern as your local Orlando roofing contractors, including:

  1. new roof installations
  2. free roof inspections
  3. free roof estimates
  4. fast roof repairs
  5. complete roofing services

Workmanship Labor Warranty

CCD offers a full 5-year labor warranty on all roof services!  Our CCD labor warranty includes no-fee annual inspections to ensure everything is fine over the life of the roof and warranty.  Also, when other contractors can maybe get 4-5 installed per week, CCD can install 5-7 roofs a day.  Chad the General Manager believes in having the best roofing services network in place to handle all of Orlando Florida's roofing needs.

Whether in times of emergencies like during Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Matthew, or when roof services are not urgent CCD is ready to assist.

Roof Inspection Request Form

Submit a free Roof Inspection request form today.  We will then dispatch one of our Storm Inspection Specialists (SIS) to come to your property in Orlando immediately.  Our SIS inspector will walk you through the entire inspection process and also provide you with a free copy of the pictures and damage:

CCD live operators can also answer your call 24/7 by calling our office now.

Corporate Construction & Design Inc.
830 N John Young Pkwy 
Kissimmee FL 34741

(407) 501-6780


CCD Roofs are Warranted and Built to Code



CCD Builds 5-7 Roofs a Day



Always Installing Synthethic Underlayment (never Organic)