Interior Water Damage to Orlando Home

We hate seeing a home damaged like  this!  Water can cause irreversible damage to a home within a day of seeping in and this home in Orlando has been severely impacted with interior water damage.

Unseen and Hidden Water Damage

What we are finding is that a lot of the focus is being placed on the roof or outside visible structures without taking the time for a granular inspection of the home's interiors.  This is why we recommend a total home inspection vs just a roof inspection because there are many items that Hurricane Irma and related storms affect beyond just the roof.

Free Storm Inspection

We have never charged anyone for a free home and roof inspection and find it an opportunity to identify hidden damage.  Our free home and roof inspection is a no-obligation way for a homeowner to have peace of mind.  And should something be found at the time of inspection, our Storm Inspections Specialists will take the time to sit down with the homeowner and go over the options both insurance and when and if a homeowner has to take care of the problem on their own.

More importantly, we stand by our commitment and agreement that if a homeowner does file a claim and is consequently turned down or underpaid by their insurance company, we cancel our agreement on the spot.

Call CCD and get the place inspected.  And don't worry about our time and sweat.  It's what we do.

interior water damage from hurricane irma image

heavy interior water damage in orlando florida from hurricane irma image

major interior water damage at Fox Meadow street home in Orlando from hurricane irma image