Homeowners Stunned When Hurricane Irma Hits Naples Florida

This amateur video was sent to us by a homeowner friend of ours that happened to be living in Naples Florida when Hurricane Irma hit them on September 10th, 2017.   It was fortunate the winds were directed to a different location on the building, allowing them to shoot this brief video.  In fact, they later said they didn't realize they would have guessed that upon raising the camera they would have gotten the footage that follows:

Broken Trees and Tree Limbs Appear Within Seconds

And even when the news and weather stations said that Hurricane Irma would be moving through “quickly,” it is clear that it only takes a few seconds for the damage to appear as the tree become a trunk within 3-4 seconds.  No one wanted to stick around and see what happens next as the video ends immediately thereafter.  But that's okay, by the end of the footage we kind of got the information we need to understand that wind damage is quick and brief, allowing us to see things that can help us as contractors and homeowners as property owners better prepare for events like Hurricane Irma and what kinds of things to look for and inspect immediately after the storm.

Share Your Videos and Pictures With Everyone

If you have any videos of damage that you would like to share with others, let us know and we will post it here and on our Florida News and Weather page on Facebook.  It can be video or pictures or even an audio file of the wind or debris during the storm.