Hurricane Irma Makes a Turn Towards Orlando

Well it surprised everyone when despite having poor cellular phone reception, the news came in at about Midnight and 1AM with headlines like “Hurricane Irma Hits Central Florida” and that it was now turning in the direction of west Orlando.

Irma Turned Northwest again at Lakeland Florida

Then the hurricane, believed to be a Category 1 by this time, turned northwest again and headed back towards Georgia.  However, by then the winds were strong enough that everyone was feeling a lot more than what was originally forecasted just a few hours earlier in the day.

“We were spared significantly though compared to places like Naples and Miami Florida that got hit hard” says Julio Oquendo of Deltona Florida.

Now the Clean Up Begins

Most of us have gone without power for a couple of days and the damage, although at a lesser extent than other places, is broad enough that we have a lot of cleaning up to do in just about every municipality in Central Florida.