Home Improvement

Home improvement projects range from the simple rehab property to the complex jobs and property flips.  Corporate Construction & Design Inc. (CCD) is a certified state of Florida General Contractor capable of handling all the trade requirements of any major home improvement project or long term contract.  Improvements such as kitchens and bathrooms are usually left to a niche tradesman, but even so, CCD manages the trades and delivers the quality as a certified General Contractor.

Rehab Property Flips

CCD works with property investors and rehabbers to accomplish a speedy completion of the rehab property or property flips when speed, price, and quality are of the absolute requirement.  But don't let this lead you to believe that speedy means low quality.  In fact, Corporate Construction & Design Inc. works with clients to produce a final home improvement product that is warranted such that things don't come back with problems.  This commitment involves using quality materials and workmanship and the layered warranties to ensure that end product and services delivered will remain exactly that and not cause or create future repair and maintenance obligations for either.  For example, what is the purpose of flipping if you have to constantly monitor the contractor(s) and tradesmen?  When selecting a contractor, ensure you have the right contractor and price should never be the only criteria as total cost may be higher because of the lack of trade experience and understanding of warranties.

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