Largest Hailstorm to hit Central Florida 2018

Coming out of both Hurricane Matthew less than two years ago and Hurricane Irma recently, all of Central Florida experienced the biggest hailstorm to hit the area since the 2015 Hail Storm that hit Oviedo Florida and Poinciana in 2016.

Amanda Santiago tweeted about it as hail 2 inches in size hit her neighboring area in Pine Hills, while the Weather Channel also tweeted:

March 20, 2018 Hail News Coverage

WESH Channel 2 posted a video as the severe weather caused damage and recommends that everyone have a weather radio on hand.

What Causes Hailstorms to Develop?

Hail is basically the precipitation in the air that gets pushed up from Florida's well known warmer weather regions to the freezing higher points in our cumulonimbus clouds that can tower thousands of feet.  The updrafts can quickly take regular rain drops to the higher freeze heights, causing them to freeze and clump into chunks ranging from something as small as a few millimeters in diameter to property destroying sizes of up to 6 inches in diameter.

Hailstorms and Damage to Property

Fortunately for most Floridian's hailstorms usually bring the smaller hail into our area with storms usually dropping hail of .75 inch or less.  However, the storms that hit Poinciana and Oviedo over the last couple of years brought with them 2 inch size hail that caused severe damage to properties.  And the March 20th, 2018 storm has those same size properties of concern.

When damage is suspected at any degree, a paid or free hail impact report of the address can quickly provide more information to determine if the location was indeed impacted and it is recommended to have the roof inspected while signing up for automatic storm notifications.

3-20-2018 hailstorm map image

Hail Map courtesy of WeatherGuidance                  

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