Receive a Free Roof Inspection and Estimate


Corporate Construction & Design Inc. (CCD) offers Central Florida Homeowners a Free Roof Inspection and Estimate with Three Convenient Ways Available:

1.  Call our 24-Hour LIVE operators now at (407) 501-6780.

2.  Submit our Inspection & Estimate Request Form:

3.  Schedule your own preferred inspection Date & Time:

CCD Emergency Tarping - CALL NOW 24/7!

Insurance companies may find a homeowner negligent and may even refuse to pay for storm damage if the affected property is not tarped within a reasonable period of time.  That's why we at CCD immediately dispatch same-day emergency tarp placements when and as needed.


CCD Free Roof Inspections include a Complete Storm Impact Report:


Free Roof Inspection and Estimate report image

Examples of Home and Roof Inspection images:

Hail Damage on Roof Shinglesfree hail inspection hail damage image

Wind Damage on 3-Tab Roof Shinglesfree shingles inspection brittle test failure image

Severe Wind Damage with Micro Leak Exposureswind damage image

Ridge Cap Shingles Damagefree inspection ridge cap damage pic

Storm Leak Interior Ceilings Damagefree estimate interiors damage picture

Bedroom Water Damage Infiltration (using Infrared)home inspection infrared water damage image

Windows Screens Windstorm Damage
screens inspection window screens damage image

AC Compressor Cooling Fins Damagestorm inspection ac compressor damage

Rooftop Overall Hail Impacts Perspectiveroof inspection roof top damage photo

Aerial Photograph of Damage to Subdivisionsatellite inspection aerial photo image


Inquire NOW and receive a Free No-Obligation Roof Assessment

Hail Damage Assessment  - Because hail causes recessed impacts on the shingles, they are very difficult (and almost impossible) to see from the ground.  We inspect and document; taking dozens of pictures in the process.

Hurricane Damage Assessment - Many times a homeowner feels they weathered a hurricane just fine, only to later see all of their neighbors getting new roof replacements.  Request a free CCD roof inspection (24/7) today!

Wind Damage Assessment - As shingles age, they become weaker from exposure to weather, the elements and time.  However, when asphalt shingles fail and break due to wind damage, you should never assume it is from the age of the roof and/or simply wear and  tear!

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