Free Hail Damage Report

Corporate Construction & Design Inc. will provide Florida homeowners with a Free Hail Damage Report on your property going back as far as three (3) years.  Please complete the following form and submit your request.  You should receive your report on the same business day or the next day, but usually within 24 hours.

Did my property suffer hail damage recently?

“A hail impact report will tell you if your property was in the path as most hail damage cannot be easily seen from the ground.”

Hail impacts reports help homeowners receive critical information about a storm's potential impact on their property.  When hail damage occurs on a property, most homeowners are unaware of the damage as they may usually not be home at the time and only find out later when their neighbors are getting their roof replaced or they start seeing water spots on the ceilings even months after the event.

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