Florida Homeowners Associations

Corporate Construction and Design Inc. (CCD) provides Florida Homeowners Associations roof service packages designed to save their residents time, money, and frustration.

Homeowners Association Login Portal

CCD provides Homeowners Associations with their own dedicated login with direct access to all the roofing projects under way in their subdivision, to ensure timely coordination and communication between CCD and HOA management.

HOA Management Online Access

All homeowners association forms required by the community will be uploaded and made available, and will be included in every resident communication for timely processing.  All pictures of inspections and work-in-progress will be uploaded and made available for HOA management review.

Our objective may be the same as your goal:

  1. Preserve and protect property home values
  2. Reduce operating costs while boosting services
  3. Provide transparency to the benefit of all residents

Call our office now and schedule a meeting to discuss your community needs:

(407) 501-6780

NOTE: CCD will provide a free quote vs a free estimate to ensure an up-to-date cost analysis can be presented to the benefit of residents.  Call to schedule a meeting today.