Proof of Licensure

Starting with CCD information on licensing, Florida requires ALL roofing and building contractors to be registered or certified.  Unlike contractors that just have a roofing license and can't do everything in your home, CCD is a certified roofing contractor and also a certified General Contractor.  As such, CCD can handle anything and everything from your roof—straight through to your kitchen sink.  Literally.

CCD General Contractor License
CCD General Contractor License

Proof of Warranties

A properly installed roofing system will come with two powerful warranties: the materials warranty and the labor warranty.  When matching roofing system components are used, in many cases, basic warranties are extended such that if materials fail — a completely new roofing system will be provided — effectively resetting the warranty period!  This assurance in addition to CCD's 5-year labor warranty (which includes no-fee annual inspections) ensures that the roofing system will last.  Customers soon realize the true potential of their lifetime materials warranty when combined with our competent no-fee annual inspections labor warranty.

Proof of Service

Contractors with proven service quality should have no problem producing testimonials of their work.  After all, a satisfied customer is more than eager to let others know!  CCD provides proof of client satisfaction through real non-paid testimonials.  Avoid a service provider that only provides you with “Jane R.” type unverifiable testimonials.

“Jane R.” vs Real People

Proof of Reputation

Going beyond customer service testimonials is active industry experience and participation, including membership in trade associations, social media, accreditation registries and more:

Proof of Quality

When CCD talks about quality materials and experienced installations, we like to speak with concrete examples.  When a roofing system is installed and it uses materials from various manufacturers, in all likelihood the warranties will be enacted but only at the basic levels.  CCD installs roofing systems using manufacturer recommended matching materials that in many cases automatically extend basic warranties!  For example, when we install an Atlas roofing system, CCD will order Atlas shingles, Atlas underlayment, Atlas Starter strips, and Atlas Hip & Ridge.  Beware of service providers that offer a lower price estimate that may involve using mix-and-match materials from various suppliers — at the expense of your lifetime warranty!  Even more, when poor quality materials are used mold, wood  rot, and water infiltration may follow.  All things that can be avoided or mitigated with a quality roofing system installation by CCD.

Atlas Roofing System

Capacity and Availability

Most contractors use shared crews, where they make an appointment with roof installation crews that are used by various other contractors.  CCD has the capacity to install up to 5 roofs a day (where a competitor can maybe build 4-5 a week).  Getting on a build schedule can be a challenge after a major storm event so capacity and a well-rooted vendor and supplier network is paramount to getting your roofing system installed in a reasonable time frame.



Unlike other contractors where the license holder has “personnel” managing the enterprise, CCD is hands on.  Chad Hitchcock is the license holder and manages everything from a tradesmen with 22+ years experience point-of-view.  There is an efficiency and professionalism that is inherent at CCD because of the rigid quality requirements established by Chad for the company.  Have a problem or questions, you can reach him directly — just call us and ask for Chad.


Essential CCD Information

Beyond CCD's 5-Year Labor Warranty and Roof Services Guarantee CCD works with all its homeowner-customers to find solutions to problems and eliminate excuses.


Local. Licensed. Accredited. Verified.

From initial inspection to complete job completion, roof replacement and/or installation, CCD is storm restoration and roof replacements in Orlando and Central Florida and has no problem demonstrating it.